Jia Jue Su Qiang: an important channel product is more important


2012 mobo will, in all the exhibitors, Niu Mo network h […]

2012 mobo will, in all the exhibitors, Niu Mo network had the biggest dark horse's name, dedicated to from Taizhou, Zhejiang Jia Jue. After a year of market washing, in 2013, Jia Jue once again stood on the stage of mabohui. In the current industry boom index, to participate in the Mabohui enterprise is not much, for two consecutive years in the enterprise less. Jia Jue Mabohui in this industry feast, blooming with their own style.

At the scene, we interviewed Jiajue motorcycle millet strong general manager. As an export-oriented enterprises, after years of hard market, Jia Jue has accumulated a has the characteristics of a large number of products, including sports cars, scooters and electric vehicles, and resolutely into the domestic market. Through a year of market accumulation, Jia Jue has successfully expand the a large number of network, in the especially in southwest region, and achieved impressive sales.

Why talk to Mabohui, millet always has a clear goal, to investment. Each enterprise invited dealers up to thousands of people, this is Jia Jue desired resources. This visit to Chongqing, Jia Jue put all all the business people to pull over. During the interview, there are a number of dealers to enter the exhibition, and discuss the intention of the Jia jue. Then, Jia Jue what kind of confidence, courage in all major brands of mouth snatch?

"But at this stage, the main work of Jia Jue is not sales and extension channel, but a good product," said millet total. A total of millet industrial design, in addition to proficient in marketing, but also has unique insights on product development. Under his leadership, Jia Jue increase the product appearance degree of attention. From the appearance and workmanship, it is very difficult for us to respectively Jia Jue and brands of a difference. Fashion appearance, stable quality, rich product line, plus a more reasonable profit margins, have brought a wealth of imagination space.

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