development path

  • 1999Year

    In 1999 Jiajue motor have established and firstly we start to produce the scooter plastic,then built the factory plant to assembling scooters.

  • 2001Year

    In 2001 to invest 50000RMB resistered brand,has its own brand“Jiajue”.

  • 2003Year

    In 2003,Jiajue brand is named“Zhejiang famous brand”and “Zhejiang Province outstanding manufactures”etc very much honours in the coming years.

  • 2003Year

    In 2003, the company has contracted international movie actress, Zhang Zi Yi as the Image Ambassador of the company. Building upon the foundations of good quality with reasonable price and social influence of celebrities, the company has firmly entrenched itself as the leader in the motor scooter industry in China. Further, the products have wined many honorary titles such as “State reliable products”, “State quality supervised products” and “State non-complaint feedback”

  • 2006Year

    In 2006 with Italy the “Bullia”company start cooperation on the technology, Jiajue have jumped to the European quality testing standards. Jiajue 2007 investment in the mining industry on the development that Jiajue forward into company diversitication strategy.

  • 2008Year

    In 2008 Jiajue renew workshop,office building and update the assembly line,the introduction of some advanced equipment; electric bicycle as a new industry is also being developed,Suzuki an125 engine developed,. The same time,Jiajue adopt the exporting strategy and reaserch&design 3 new modle.These models are so popular by international market and gain the reputation and market share in the globle market step by step.

  • 2011Year

    In 2011,Jiajue announce to enter into the sport motorcycle industry and have develop series of racing motorcycle,first launch R11,R15,N10 250CC water cooled motorcycle and become an “dark horse” in the market and gain a very pupurlarity whatever domestic and international market.

  • 2017Year

    In 2017,In order to suit the European Euro IV standard,jiajue firstly gain more than 10 models on 125&50CC Euro IV motorcycle and scooter in China ,and the stable EFI system and higher quality gain a good reputation in the Europle market.

  • 2019Year

    In 2019 Now Jiajue and Joyrace brand are very well known in the world and but we believe Jiajue will do better in the coming future.

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